If you have an office job, the reality is that you spend the majority of your week and days sitting at your desk in the office so why not spruce it up and make your office space your own? You’ll find it much more productive and stimulating working in a space you love rather than sitting at a bland desk facing a blank wall. Here are a few affordable and quick ideas for sprucing up your office space from Workfriendly. 

Personalise it

Tip number one is to personalise your space. What do you love? Do you love nature? Art? Your dog? Make a collection of things that you know will bring you joy and make a small collection for your desk. This may be printing out and framing a photo of your family or beloved pet and placing it in the corner of your desk, bringing in that personalised mug you got for your birthday last year or even changing your computer or laptop background to a photo of when you were on holiday. This will not only personalise your desk, but it will bring you a bit of joy on those stressful days.

personalised office space

Desk Plants

Plants and nature bring a calming element to any office space and also helps to improve air quality and humidity levels. They may need a little TLC but there are plenty of plants in Singapore that would thrive in any office space. However, if you are only in the office every now and then or are too busy to look after a real plant, a fake plant will do the trick as well. It won’t create fresh air but t will still have a calming effect on your space. When choosing your plant make sure you pick one suitable for indoors and add the finishing touch of a cute pot.

desk plant

Use storage

One of the best ways to create an organised and nice looking workspace is to get rid of all that clutter and put it in storage. Clutter builds up quickly. It can start with a few documents and a few stray pens and next minute your workspace is completely overrun. If your office space is with Workfriendly then you will have access to your very own storage space. Take advantage of this and store everything you don’t need in the day today. Store receipts, important documents, old unused furniture, inventory or even excess stationery like staplers or hole punchers. Everything is only a short walk away for easy retrieval at any time. 


Add statement furniture or a rug

Another way of sprucing up your work area is to add a cool rug or statement piece of furniture such as a sofa or a unique chair in the corner of your office that you can sit in while you aren’t working. This will make your workspace a little more eye-catching and comfortable and more pleasant to spend all day in.

cool coloured rug

Fun Stationery

One more thing you can do to make your office space a more fun and enticing space is to invest in some fun or personal stationery. Rather than using that free expo pen that you were given last year or plain boring note pad, buy something a little more fun. Buy funky pens covered in plants, art something else that you love and replace that plain notebook with a printed, colourful or company branded one.