Business Storage

Adequate storage space is essential for any business. Whether it’s a need to store stock or inventory, important documents and paperwork, promo gear or even excess furniture and seasonal items, you can never have too much business storage. Customise your workspaces at Workfriendly with a variety of storage options, so you can work in an environment that is clean, organised and clutter-free.

Robotic Storage

Our robotic storage features our resident GObot, Gary, who will carry and deliver your personal storage cabinets to designated terminals. When you’re done, Gary will transport back your cabinets into a safe no-man zone.

Self Storage Units

Storefriendly’s traditional storage unit can also be used for business storage. With an extensive range of sizes and unit configurations, pick one that suits your business needs. All storage units are 24/7 accessible with all-day air-conditioning to keep your items safe and well-preserved..

Workfriendly Trade

Perfect for businesses that require a workspace area with sufficient room for large inventory storage, all in one private unit.

Workfriendly Business

A private workspaces with integrated storage solutions such as racking and shelving units that you can use for storage.

One of the many various services offered by Storefriendly, Workfriendly’s vision is to be innovative with new tech solutions in order to offer affordable and never-before-seen storage services with work solutions that help you optimise workflow and operations.

At Workfriendly, we believe that working smart requires flexible and customisable workspaces with affordable storage solutions. Our fully-fledged, all-in-one innovative space also offers an array of value-added amenities and services to help you grow your businesses.