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One of the many various services offered by Storefriendly, Workfriendly’s vision is to be innovative with new tech solutions in order to offer affordable and never-before-seen storage services with work solutions that help you optimise workflow and operations.

At Workfriendly, we believe that working smart requires flexible and customisable workspaces with affordable storage solutions. Our fully-fledged, all-in-one innovative space also offers an array of value-added amenities and services to help you grow your businesses.

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Friendly, Affordable hot desking in Singapore

At Workfriendly Singapore, we offer affordable, flexible and modern hot desking services for both you and your employees. If you own your own small business and a tired from working from home but can’t justify renting an entire office space just for you, a Singapore hot desk from Workfriendly is the solution for you. Renting a hot desk in Singapore is an affordable and flexible workspace solution. If you are a solo business person or work in a small team and crave work colleagues and a buzzing work environment, then a Singapore hot desk space is for you. This space is also ideal for those who frequent Singapore for business and therefore don’t have a set workspace.

Simply grab your laptop and work from your own dedicated hot desk in Singapore. Whether it’s just you, your whole company and employees or just a small team looking for a hot desking solution, we can accommodate and help find the perfect hot desks for you.